Zooming in Office for Mac 2008

This is a great tip for zooming in Word, Excell, and PowerPoint. It works for Office for Mac 2004 and 2008. The only application it does not work with is Entourage. Update: Also works for Office for Mac 2011. Unfortunately it does not work for Outlook for Mac.

How To:

  • Hold down Command and Control and use the Scroll Wheel on your mouse.


  • Hold down Command and Control and Drag your fingers up/down on a scroll-enabled trackpad.

From Rob Griffiths, Macworld.com:

Microsoft’s Office 2004 suite is no exception—Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (but not Entourage) all feature a View -> Zoom menu item. But using it is a bit time consuming. First you choose the menu, then you pick a pre-set zoom level, or enter your own value, and then click OK. You can also put a button on the toolbar which does something similar. Still, it’s hardly a fast and fluid operation.

Enter the mouse. In all three of the above applications, if you hold down Command and Control and then move the scroll wheel on your mouse (or drag your fingers on a scrolling-enabled trackpad), you can rapidly increase or decrease the zoom level. Move the wheel up, and you’ll zoom in; move it down, and you’ll zoom out. The amount the zoom changes with each tick of the scroll wheel varies between the applications. Word seems to go in 10-percent steps; Excel uses 15-percent increments; and PowerPoint steps through the fixed zoom levels (including ‘fit,’ which means I had a stop at 152 percent) in its Zoom menu. Excel and PowerPoint are also limited to 400-percent maximum zoom, while Word will go up to 500 percent.

Set Office 2004 zoom levels via mouse [via Macworld]

Enjoy 🙂

June 9, 2009
4:29 pm
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