Canceling CIC Triple Advantage: Get Your Money Back and Get Justice!

I recently had to cancel a recurring transaction that popped up on my bank account. I wanted to make sure that it stopped and that I could get my money back. I found this great article that helped me out:Canceling CIC Triple Advantage: Get Your Money Back and Get Justice!

I have to say that the steps worked out like a charm. I was being charged for 3 months by CIC*Tripple Advantage (ie. Free Credit I kepted being persistent but polite and was able to get a full refund.

Here is what I did

  1. Call and wait on hold for about 15 minutes.
  2. Ask why I’m being charged?
  3. Ask to cancel the account (this is where they tried to keep me as a customer)
    1. The rep asked me to go to the website so that I could see the benefits of the service.
    2. I asked why would I log into the site? I just want to cancel this.
    3. The rep proceeded to try and get me to go to the website since she wanted me to be able to see a copy of my current report since it’s part of what I paid for.
    4. I finally said “let’s just do one thing at a time. I would like to cancel my account and then we can move to the next step.
    5. This seemed to work!
  4. Account is cancelled!
  5. Now let’s see about getting a “full refund!”
  6. The rep gives me the pitch that this is against their policy! (BS!)
  7. Me: I want a full refund! Rep: You will have to send a letter to “Insert Corporate Stuff Here”.
  8. The rep and I go back and forth on this for about 2 minutes.
  9. Me: I want a full refund! Rep: We can only give you a 1 month refund.
  10. Me: I want a full refund! Rep: We can only give you a 1 month refund.
  11. Me: I would like to speak with a supervisor. Rep: Why?
  12. Me: I know that you are only authorized to do so much and I don’t want to get you in trouble so I’d like to speak with a supervisor about getting a full refund. Rep: Please hold.
  13. Rep: My supervisor has authorized me to give you a 2 month refund. Me: Great! But why can’t I get a full refund.
  14. Rep: I am only authorized to give you 1 month, my supervisor is only authorized to give you 1 extra month. Me: Well before you said that you could only give me 1 month, you come back and now it’s 2 months, I would like to speak with your supervisor regarding a full refund.
  15. Rep: How many months are you wanting a refund for? Me: Well you told me that my first payment started on 4/19, I would like to be refunded for 3 months since that is what I was charged.
  16. Rep: Please hold while I escalate this to my supervisor… Ok, we have authorized you for a 3 month refund…
  17. Score! Got a full refund!

Here are some of the good bits from the article:

Tips for Your Call to TripleAdvantage

Some people cancel and get a refund in 5 minutes. Others have a much harder time.

Below are the secrets of canceling TripleAdvantage and getting a refund. These tips are drawn from two years of insights from Knowzy readers.


  • Have Personal Info Ready

    In the first part of your call, your CIC represent confirms your identity. They’ll ask for your Social Security Number, the credit card number you used when signing up and details about your credit history.

    One writer urges you not to give them your credit card number. Keep in mind is owned by Experian. The representative you’re talking to likely knows more about your credit history than you. This may not be a battle worth fighting.


  • Remain Calm. Be Polite and Persistent misled you into paying for a free credit report. You have a right to be angry. But when you call, don’t lose your cool.

    You and the customer service representative both know you were ripped off. Stay on his or her good side while remaining firm and you’ll get your refund. Eventually.

    Swear at and insult your rep and he or she will disconnect the call.


  • Say No to the Hard Sales Pitch

    Adding insult to injury, TripleAdvantage will try hard to convince you to keep the service you are calling to cancel. Tell them you don’t do business with companies who have violated your trust.


  • Ask for All of Your Money Back

    You are not just calling to cancel- you want your money back and all of it. Armed with a little preparation and some key phrases, that refund can and should be yours.

    First, be prepared for the lies your CIC Rep will tell you, in no particular order:

    • CIC Rep: We have a strict no refund policy
      You: I know you routinely refund these charges and I would like a confirmation number with my refund.
    • CIC Rep: The charge is clearly stated in 3 places on
      You: If it was clearly stated, why didn’t I notice it?
    • CIC Rep: I am not authorized to issue refunds. (True but his or her supervisor does have the authority to issue refunds)
      You: Please connect me with your supervisor.

    If you are still meeting resistance while talking to a supervisor, tell him or her that you will enlist some help. You will work with the Better Business Bureau and your bank to get your money back. TripleAdvantage can save both of you some trouble by simply issuing the refund now.

Hopefully CIC TripleAdvantage has promised a full refund by now. If not, it is time to follow through with your ultimatum…

June 26, 2008
4:11 pm
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  • T. McC

    I found the same web site and it was very helpful. i called but didnt gi ve them a chance to say thier part of the script i just said that i have been a victim of id theft and i know better than not to read the fine print. i never signed up for this and i want a refund. If you cannot give it to me then please transfer me to a supervisor. I even told them that they sent me an conf. email about my FREE credit report, not my 7 day trial credit report. she put me on hold for about a min. and then canceled and refunded my money. i think it took all but 5 min.

  • Your help in this problem of canceling will be great but I can not even find a phone number to call. This is unbelievable. They trick you into joining to get a report and say you can cancel free within 7 days and you can not get in touch with them. Where can I find a phone number?????? Nobody has a phone number anymore. Thanks Maria

  • Have a excellent day!

  • Admiring all the effort you put into your blog. I particular liked this post. Best regards, Ian Chisholm ~ L?na pengar

  • W.S. Dodd

    I have been paying 15.00 for 13 months. I never got a credit report. I thought I was signed up for identy fraud protection. I moved to another state and could not remember who this company was. $300.00 was taken out off my bank card before I tracked down this CIC TRIPLE ADVANTAGE by phone. This is the number I used……877-481-6825
    They said I will be dropped, but I want my MONEY back. I’m calling my bank tomorrow morning to inlist their help. I am so mad & feel stupid.
    Thanks for the information about this RIP OFF.
    I really took a hit! I was BLIND SIDED!

  • HELP
    NOW I can’t get through even when I use my new password!

  • HELP!!!!

  • Thx for your time of writing this informative blog

  • Thank’s 4 A Nice Read! I’ve heard is a excellent place to get my free credit report and see the score 4 nothing. Has Someone else used it?

  • Don’t use Called Customer service to get info about my free credit score that they offer. They kept saying that i had to speak to a different dept …then i would get disconnected. My last call I spoke to a woman. After answering the questions they ask to identify yourself… she blurted out loudly that i kept calling over and over. I told her i kept getting disconnected and just wanted to get my free credit score, like you offer on the site.She suddenly started rambling and babbling on and making crazed statements about me calling. Isn’t that why they give you a number to call Customer service. I decided to cancel my membership. Never getting what they promised. Think they use scam tactics. BEWARE!!

  • Excellent page! I will surely recommend you to my buddies. Please keep up the great updates. Are you on Twitter as well?? I’ll follow!

  • Hey the above article is exactly how it happened for me without reading this first. There company is a damn scam and should be investigated. Just think about all the people who don’t like confrontation and let it go at just cancelling the account. They are making lots of money with that scam i’m so mad about this right now.