ejectAllVolumes dashboard widget v1.0.1

Eject All Volumes

Today I’m releasing a Dashboard widget that will allow you to execute a bash script that will eject all mounted volumes with 1 button click.

To download the widget: Download ejectAllVolumes widget 1.0.1 (Zip file)

For more details check out the ejectAllVolumes project page.

June 6, 2008
5:15 pm
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  • Hi Larry,

    Good idea for a widget, especially considering the Mac’s flaky SMB implementation! I wonder if, in a future version, you could either find some programmatic way to identify the boot volume, or at least make that configurable? I know the widget ignores “Macintosh HD”, but I’ve renamed my HD, so I have to manually uncheck it. Anyway, thanks for putting this out there!


  • This is something we Macintosh users totally agree!