PIKA PIKA – abstract flashlight animation

Today I found the originators behind the animation technique that Sprint has been recently using in their 2007 campaign. PIKA PIKA is a art movement that was started in Japan. It uses a combination of long exposure stop motion photography and flashlights.
Here are a few videos:

This is an explaining movie of pika pika for the imprint forum in Little Tokyo, L.A. at 12 and 13 sept. 2007.

Lightning Doodle Project Canadian Filmmakers Party in reel asian film festival

Check out the project PIKA PIKA.

December 10, 2007
1:37 pm
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  • marion

    Thanks for the explanation. Its so simple yet you need the technology we have of today to capture it’s simplicity. There is something fantastic about using many people to create the individual light pictures and then putting them together. Everyone has a style. The imperfections are absolutely unique and inspiring somehow. The simplicity of this technique and the use of many people to do it is going to be a part of the evolving art movements of today that are combed with technology. I can’t wait for what happens next!