Double the killer delete select all

The other day I blogged about this guy doing Perl scripting using Microsofts Vista Speech Recognition. You can check that one out here: Why programmers need their hands.

Well turns out that someone from Microsoft was giving a demonstration of Windows Vista speech recognition. Here is the video:

Here is another video from our friend that made Windows Vista Speech Recognition Tested – Perl Scripting. “A tough to it’s own numbers death”.
Here is the video:

It seems to me after viewing a number of these video’s that Microsoft Speech Recognition seems to have some psychopathic tendencies. This is due to the Recognition system wanting to input references to killing and death. It seems that a bit more work needs to be put into their recognition system to account for words that are similar to these hateful words. I do have to say, that if your looking for some cool catch phrases, then this is the place to look!

October 25, 2007
6:42 pm