AS3 Animation Benchmarking Utility, TweenBencher

Moses Gunesch the creator of FuseKit created a very nice open-source tool called TweenBencher. The utility can be used to chart animation performance through the Flash Player’s framerate over the time of the animation. This is a really nice tool and goes a long way to helping developers figure out which animation package to use and for what reasons.

My results showed that the top performers were (in order):

  1. Simple AS3 Tween (could not find a link for this one)
  2. TweenLite
  3. Tweener

Here is the output of my tests for every animation framework that is listed in the demo application.

note: I ran this test on my MacBook Pro, 2,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB of SDRAM.

Check it out TweenBencher.

October 24, 2007
7:06 pm
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  • You might also want to check out the speed test at

    And I’d love to hear if you get a link to that Simple AS3 Tween engine. I can’t seem to find it either.

  • Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find that tween engine. If any knows how to find it please drop a link!…

  • Hey Larry,

    I’m not sure if you’ve found this yet, but I THINK this is the link:

  • BadBoyBill

    I’ve been playing with all of these, and I’m not sure if the link above is the Simple AS3 Tween or not but it by far is outperforming the others for my situation. I wish there were more options, but its still great. Thanks for the link Jeremy.

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